Local Girl Scout Troop Earns “Go Green” Badges

A local Girl Scout Troop was working on the “Go Green” badges and found our page helpful in their research. Here is the letter we received from them along with an article they thought would be helpful for other girl scout troops. Posting it on our website will help them with their “Good Digital Citizen” badge. GO, GIRLS! MAY YOUR TRIBE INCREASE. (1 Timothy 4:12)

My Girl Scout Troop has been working really hard on their Go Green badges and while looking for helpful pages and information for them I came across your website page, and I just wanted to let you know that it was really helpful for us. You have a lot of information that we were really able to use to help us learn about the environment! Thanks so much 🙂

Our last badge we talked about being a good Digital Citizen so the girls thought it would be nice to put that into action and as a thank you for all the help, they wanted to send you an article that they thought was super helpful too! They thought that other people (and possibly other Girl Scout Troops) would find it as helpful as they did!

Sabrina Sutton