Educator Job Description

  • The Educator educates the congregation and the community of the activities of the Green Team as well as the urgency of sustainability, its significance within our faith, and its practical manifestation within our daily lives. They do this both by distributing information themselves and by delegating the task to others.
  • The Educator ensures that the Green Team publishes at least one informative, interesting, and relevant article on how people can live more sustainably in every newsletter.
  • The Educator ensures that the Green Team publishes at least one article in the bulletin a month informing the congregation on the activities of the Green Team, whether they are recent initiatives, meeting dates, or something else.
  • The Educator leads at least one major church-wide or community education campaign every 6 months. For instance, one such campaign could have been titled “Beyond Styrofoam”, where the Educator led the Green Team in utilizing talks, posters, articles, and demonstrations to convince people to make positive change. These campaigns must have clear objectives at their beginning, which will be used to measure their success upon their conclusion.
  • The Educator gives a brief synopsis of the education efforts at meetings and accepts advice from others.
  • The Educator keeps a playful touch and remembers the one whom the Green Team ultimately serves.

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