Coordinator Job Description

  • The Coordinator creates the agenda and helps the group determine which projects to undertake.
  • The Coordinator sets meeting time and dates, leads meetings, ensures that the agenda is followed and the conversation stays relevant, and keeps meetings on some sort of timeframe.
  • The Coordinator hands off the position to the next pre-determined coordinator no less frequently than once every two months.
  • The present Coordinator leads at least two meetings.
  • The Coordinator ensures that this transition to the next Coordinator is as smooth as possible and that the next Coordinator is given a written notice of where the previous Coordinator left off. The prior, present, and future Coordinators form an ‘executive council,’ which should meet in order to promote stability, continuity, and support.
  • The Coordinator emails the group in the week prior to a meeting with the meeting’s agenda and anything else they feel relevant to the Green Team.
  • The Coordinator keeps tabs on the different projects to ensure that they are running effectively and smoothly.
  • The Coordinator sends a completed copy of each meeting’s agenda to the Youth Director ( to be uploaded to the Green Team webpage.
  • The Coordinator oversees the other positions of Educator, Secretary/Treasurer, and Website Liaison, supports these persons, and
    ensures that they are carrying out their jobs in accordance with their job descriptions.
  • The Coordinator notifies the church receptionist ( of future meetings.
  • The Coordinator keeps the group informed of anything not stated in the minutes.
  • The Coordinator actively seeks to strengthen the Green Team, by getting to know the old members and actively seeking out new ones.
  • The Coordinator relates to the Church Council and pastors of the church to make sure that Green Team activities are in line with the mission and vision of the church, and are supported by the church.
  • The Coordinator works with the Secretary/Treasurer to ensure that all money received or spent by the Green Team is handled appropriately and in accordance with church policies.
  • The Coordinator ensures that meetings aren’t excessively boring.
  • The Coordinator is quick to laugh, love, and forgive, and remembers the one whom the Green Team ultimately serves.

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